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Batiz Family Research Updates

Recently, I went on a field trip to Ponce and discovered some new and interesting information about the Batiz family in nearby Archívo Histórico de Ponce. 

I've been working diligently to uncover more documents relating to the lives of the our Batiz ancestors, and until recently found it difficult to collect information outside of the standard censuses.   

My trip was absolutely inspiring so I decided it was time to open a website for our family.  Facebook has gotten confusing as Batiz's from other countries are all mixed in together.  Maybe one day we'll find our common family threads, but until then I'd like to work on tracing our own lines within Puerto Rico first.

There are many questions I still have even after 20 years of family research: Why are there both BATIZ and BATIS family names residing in the same areas of Ponce.  Who was the first Batiz to land in Puerto Rico?  How did the family (well.....Antonio) acquire so much wealth?  I hope to find the answers to these and will share them with everyone.   

The family tree will be posted, and update, frequently but I will keep it under a secure page where only family members can access with a password. 

Please feel free to wander around the site.  It's brand new so I haven't uploaded everything I have, but it promises to be a fun site for everyone. 

I'll work on this in the next few months, please feel free to ask, correct, add, delete whatever you think is incorrect or needs editing.  This is OUR family website.  Use it to sit with your kids and show them how important it is to know about where they came from.

- Charlie Fourquet Batiz       June 15, 2016

September 2016.  In a recent trip[ to Ponce i was able to visit the cemetery where my great-grand parents and their children were buried. My great-grandfather, Antonio Batiz Oliveras bought a family tomb (panteón) in El Cememterio Catolico de San Vincente de Paul, in Ponce.  Here lies some of my relatives

November 15, 2012.  Searching for Batiz family members using Ancestry.com, I came across a photo of a gentleman named Manuel Batis.  Someone had uploaded the old picture, adding that he came from Adjuntas, Puerto Rico but was living in Hawaii!  Yeah, another Hawaiiano Boricua! (read next article)

Of particular interest to me was that he came Adjuntas where we still have many family members with the "s" at the end of their surname.  Also, the road to Adjuntas from Ponce has been filled with Batis/Batiz families for decades. 

I quickly looked up Manuel Batis in the Ancestry database and found a Manuel Batis Andujar, a boarder living with the Santiago family in Kanai, district of Koloa in Hawaii.... in an area called "Portuguese Camp". (read more) 

September 22, 2012 - While casting a broader net in search of Batiz family members outside of Puerto Rico I discovered a family in Oahu, Hawaii, living in what was called the "Aiea  Porto Rican Camp", in Oahu.  Ramon Batiz appears in the 1910 census, at 23 years of age, as a laborer living with his wife, Anasta and children Marceline and Rosa Batiz.  Born approximately in 1887, he would have been the same generation as our common ancestor Antonio Batiz Oliveras, born in 1884.  I have not come up with anything on this so-called "Porto Rican Camp" yet, but there were close to 200 people, including Ramon and his family, living on the plantation. (read more)     


July 30, 2012 - While coordinating a field trip to Ponce, back in March, I was researching one of the venue we would visit called Hacienda Buena Vista, the 19th century plantation once owned by the Vives family.  I came across entries for "Hacienda Batiz". I didn't mind it much, thinking it was in reference to the family home in Marueño named "La Quinta".  I clicked on the links and just got maps on how to get there.  I was struck by the term because I'd never heard it and wanted to investigate further.  (read more)


July 22, 2012 - The significance, or meaning, of the Batiz surname has always eluded me.  I'd always known it originated in Basque area of northern Spain, and the heraldic coat of arms history describe it as originating from Vizcaya.  I found a website that seems to confirm this:



July 14, 2012 - I want to share some concerns I have regarding the posting of family information anywhere on the internet.  Cyberspace is still the wild, wild west of today where anything goes.  Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites can pose dangers...

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Located in the center of town, this was home to the Batiz family since 1924. (more)

Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Guadalupe, in Ponce, Puerto Rico, where many of our ancestors were baptized, married and held funeral services for. 

The 1930 census shows my great-grandfather Antonio Batiz Oliveras, his wife Hortencia Mas and his children, living at 125 Calle Villa.