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Aloha Batiz!

September 22, 2012 - While casting a broader net in search of Batiz family members outside of Puerto Rico I discovered a family in Oahu, Hawaii, living in what was called the "Aiea Porto Rican Camp", in Oahu.  Ramon Batiz appears in the 1910 census, at 23 years of age, as a laborer living with his wife, Anasta and children Marceline and Rosa Batiz.  Born approximately in 1887, he would have been the same generation as our common ancestor Antonio Batiz Oliveras, born in 1884.  I have not come up with anything on this so-called "Porto Rican Camp" yet, but there were close to 200 people, including Ramon and his family.  Men, woman and children, all living on "Aiea" and "Halawa" Porto Rican Camps. I suspect that they were part of the group of Puerto Rican laborers who went to Hawaii to work in the sugar plantations in Honolulu.

I found Ramon in the 1940 census, 30 years later (shown above).  He's now 54 years old, living with a new 23 year-old wife and young children, and still living in that "Porto Rican Camp".

I tried googling "Porto Rican Camp" in Hawaii and came up with nothing.  I would love to communicate with one of Ramon's descendants, so if one of our Hawaiian Batiz relatives finds our website, please contact me.  We have a big family! We have lots to catch up on.

 - Charlie