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The Mystery of Manuel Batis

November 15, 2012.  Searching for Batiz family members using Ancestry.com, I came across a photo of a gentleman named Manuel Batis.  Someone had uploaded the old picture, adding that he came from Adjuntas, Puerto Rico but was living in Hawaii!  Yeah, another Hawaiiano Boricua! (read next article)

Of particular interest to me was that he came Adjuntas where we still have many family members with the "s" at the end of their surname.  Also, the road to Adjuntas from Ponce has been filled with Batis/Batiz families for decades. 

I quickly looked up Manuel Batis in the Ancestry database and found a Manuel Batis Andujar, a boarder living with the Santiago family in Kanai, district of Koloa in Hawaii.... in an area called "Portuguese Camp".  I found this interesting as the Ramon Batiz family, lived on The Hawala "Porto Rican Camp", in Oahu at the same time.  This Portuguese Camp also had many Puerto Ricans living in their community.

I hope to communicate with the people who uploaded the picture of Manuel and share his stories on our family website.