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Batiz Biographies, Facts and Documents

This section will contain family biographies based on oral histories and documents I have collected during my searches.  If you have any information about the family please send me the infomration via email at charlie@batizfamily.com and tell me the story with as much details as possible.

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The Batiz Homesteads

It has been said that "los Batiz son una familia" (are one family). I have found them all over Puerto Rico, but primarily in the south central part of the island.  In Ponce and Peñualas is where we are from, since the early 1900s.  Of contention has been the differing last letter of the surname. Both Batiz vs Batis are the same family.  I know this only because the families appear in the same place geographically.  More research will be needed to find the common ancestor between the names.  In the meantime, here are the homes the original Batiz family resided in, in Ponce.  

Sources: Family Testimonials and Old census

Don Antonio Batiz Oliveras

According to the Social Security application he filed in 1956, Antonio was born on August 12, 1884 to Miguel Batiz and Juana Oliveras Rivera.  The document, which also shows him to be a self-employed (S/E) farmer.  Of note, his signature appears at the bottom of the document.

In his adult life he became a wealthy coffee plantation owner in the 1920s, in Ponce,  owning several houses in the center of    town.  An interesting tidbit is that the  "Casa de La Villa", (left) was initially built for the mayor of Ponce, Pedro Juan Rosaly, before Antonio purchased it in 1924.    Antonio also owned "La Quinta", a sprawling country home..... (Read complete bio)


Sources: Archivo Historico de Ponce; Wikipedia; 1930 Census Ponce

Doña Hortencia Mas Toro

Accordingly to records I recently dug up, Hortencia was born in Peñuelas....... read complete bio


Sources: Civil Records

Julio Enrique Batiz Mas

Julio was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico to Antonio Batiz and Hortencia Mas.  It's hard to say exactly when he was born as there are too many records with conflicting dates as to the actuality of his birth date.  His birth certificate states that he was born 4 July 1915.  This date however, doesn't make much sense as his brothers, Pedro Juan Batiz  & Rigoberto Batiz have also been shown to be born in the same year.  Pedro Juan was supposedlyWar II in 1940...... read complete bio 


Source: Bio by Kamey Batiz y Garcia, Julio's granddaughter

Pedro Juan Batiz Mas

Pedro Juan Batiz Mas

Pedro Juan was born August 15th, 1916 to Antonio and Hortencia, in Ponce, Puerto Rico.  He met my grandmother, who worked in the Batiz household.  My mother was born from that union, but later he met Evangelia Chamorro Hernandez and had a son, Jose Angel.  He finally married Carmen (Cambu) L. Gueits Vasquez, with whom he had four sons; Pedro Antonio, Luis Rafael, Jorge Luis (qepd) and Edgardo Juan........ read complete bio


Sources: Social Security SS1 form. Personal memories

Ada Batiz Mas

Ada was born in 1919 in the town of Ponce, Puerto Rico 


Source: Birth Certificate Registro Demografico