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The Batiz Family Vault

This page will serve as a gateway to our secured family section where I will be narrating our family's history as I discover additional facts about the family from Ponce, Puerto Rico.

There will be supporting genealogical documentation in the form of censuses, birth, marriage and death records to corroborate my findings, and maybe even add a little Puerto Rico history in there, as it relates to our family's life in Ponce. 

In this "vault" section of the website you will also find our most updated Batiz family tree, but due to issues of privacy, and to protect your information, every page beyond this point is password protected.   If you wish to view the tree or anything int he family vault, send me an email, and please be prepared to identify yourself as a member of the Batiz family upon request.  You will get a response with a login and password to enter the site.  Once I have assigned a login:password, please do not share with anyone.  There are Batiz families all over the globe, in Mexico, north of Spain and even Turkey.  Confirmed family members will receive a unique login and password.

The Batiz Family Tree