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Google map showing where Hacienda Batiz is.

July 30, 2012 - While coordinating a field trip to Ponce, back in March, I was researching one of the venue we would visit called Hacienda Buena Vista, the 19th century plantation once owned by the Vives family.  I came across entries for "Hacienda Batiz". I didn't mind it much, thinking it was in reference to the family home in Marueño named "La Quinta".  I clicked on the links and just got maps on how to get there.  I was struck by the term because I'd never heard it and wanted to investigate further. 

Everywhere I googled, there were maps or referenceis to homes in Hacienda Batiz in a rural area where our once family lived.  Marueño and Guaraguao.  The odd thing is that it shows up in Peñuelas.

If anyone has information, please contact me.