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The Batiz Family Tree

Esteemed BATIZ Family;

Many of you remember me from calls I made researching our roots in Puerto Rico, or have heard of me and my genealogical research. 

Today, I continue investigating how the Batiz family first came to the island and and happy to continue to update our family tree.  Until now, I have found that Miguel Batiz and his wife Juana Maria Oliveras had 4 children together, including Miguel and Antonio Batiz, whom we have all descended from.

I have separated Miguel and Juana’s children below to make it easier to find yourselves and see where you are in our family tree.  Each page will have interesting supporting documents I have found in my research. When I'm done here, I will be secure those names of living relatives in order to protect their privacy and information. 

Please print and carefully review the list and let me know if there is missing information via email.

Thank You,

Charlie Fourquet Batiz

The Batiz Family Tree