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Descendants Of Miguel Batiz and Juana Maria Oliveras

Esteemed BATIZ family members;

Some of you remember my calls, and letters in search of our rootsin Puerto Rico, or you have heard talk of my genealogical research.   

Today I continue investigating how the Batiz family arrived on the island, creating and documenting our family tree.  Up till nowI have discovered that Miguel Batiz and his wife, Juana Maria Oliveras, had six (6) children, including two brothers Miguel y Antonio Batiz, who we all descend from.  One day I will research the family lines of the daughters, Alejandrina, Carmen, Eladia y Rafaela to include those branches on our family as they descend the same original Batiz lines.     

Below I have separated the children of Miguel y Juana, to make it easier to find yourselves and see where you stand on the family tree.  In each page, you will find interesting supporting documents that I have found over the years in my research.  When I finish, I will privatize any information of living relatives to protect thier privacy, and personal information.    

Feel free to print and study the listings and let me know if we need to add anything or fill missing infomration via email. 

Thank You 



Alejandrina Batiz/s y Oliveras

 n: 1880 in Ponce, PR


Carmen Batiz/s y Oliveras

 n: 1882


Miguel Jr. Batiz/s y Oliveras 

n. 1883 in Ponce PR


Antonio Batiz/s y Oliveras

n: 12 Aug 1884 in Ponce, Puerto Rico

 m: 09 Mar 1967 in San Juan, PR


Eladia Batiz/s y Oliveras 

n: 1888 in Ponce, Puerto Rico


Rafaela Batiz/s y Oliveras 

n: 1892 in Ponce, Puerto Rico