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Julio Enrique Batiz Mas

Wedding of Julio Batiz with Nilda Pereira y Perez.  According to Nilda, the dress was given to her by Hortencia Mas, her mother-in-law.  It had been her daughter, Ada's wedding dress.      - Kamey Batiz y Garcia

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Julio was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico to Antonio Batiz and Hortencia Mas.  It's hard to say exactly when he was born as there are too many records with conflicting dates as to the actuality of his birth date.  His birth certificate states that he was born 4 July 1915.  This date however, doesn't make much sense as his brothers, Pedro Juan Batiz  & Rigoberto Batiz have also been shown to be born in the same year.  Pedro Juan was supposedly born in August of 1915 and census records show that Rigoberto was also born about 1915 so my guess is that they were registered in 1915. The census records also show Pedro Juan and Julio both being older than Rigoberto.  He always celebrated his birthday on November 2nd.  I have many identifications of his, where his birth date ranges from 4 July 1915 to November 18th of 1918.

Julio grew up in Ponce, Puerto Rico where he lived in the "La Quinta" Home in Marueño, and the Batiz-Rosaly home, with the family. He worked in the family fields cultivating coffee and corn while he attended college. He studied design in the agricultural field.  

He served in the US Army as a 3rd Grade Technician, in the medical detachment of the 296th Infantry out of Ft. Buchanan in Puerto Rico until October of 1945. He was originally drafted into service during World War II in 1940.
He married twice in his lifetime and was the father of 8 children. He moved to Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico where he lived most of his adult life and where his wife of 42 years, Nilda Pereira, still resides today.

Julio passed away on Feb 20 1995.  He was buried in the Puerto Rico National Cemetery.  (Batiz-Mas, Julio E, b. 07/04/1915, d. 02/20/1995, US Army, T/3, Res: Rio Piedras, PR, Plot: J 0 2951, bur. 02/21/1995)

Kamey Batiz y Garcia - Julio's granddaughter