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Pedro Juan Batiz Mas

Pedro Juan and his family in Marueño,  He is standing on the right side of the photo holding one of his sons, beside his wife Carmen (Cambu) Gueits who has her arm around another one of their sons and Judith, their neice.  SItting in the foreground is my mother, Lily.  I don't know who is the other little girl.  Sitting in the back of the truck is Amparo batiz and the other young lady I don;t know.

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Pedro Juan was born August 15th, 1916 to Antonio and Hortencia, in Ponce, Puerto Rico.  He met my grandmother, who worked in the Batiz household.  My mother was born from that union, but later he met Evangelia Chamorro Hernandez and had a son, Jose Angel.  He finally married Carmen (Cambu) L. Gueits Vasquez, with whom he had four sons; Pedro Antonio, Luis Rafael, Jorge Luis (qepd) and Edgardo Juan.


I have very few memories of my grandfather.  One was of the first time I'd ever met him, sitting behind a desk.  My mother told me he was a lawyer.  He had me come over and sit on his lap, and I remember playing with the stuff on his desk.  He made such an impression on me even then. I was 7 when my mom received the news of his unexpected passing.  I remember feeling so bad for her.  He had suffered a sudden heart attack and, as I was told, died behind the wheel of a car with his son Rafaelito sitting next to him.......